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E-Alliance is a knowledge sharing hub made up of scholars and partner organizations from across Canada who are dedicated to gender+ equity in sport. E-Alliance is led by three co-directors, Dr. Gretchen Kerr (University of Toronto), Dr. Guylaine Demers (Université Laval) and Dr. Ann Pegoraro (University of Guelph).


E-Alliance is led by three co-directors, Dr. Gretchen Kerr (University of Toronto), Dr. Guylaine Demers (Université Laval), Dr. Ann Pegoraro (University of Guelph) and staffed by two research associates.

Dr. Gretchen Kerr

Dr. Gretchen Kerr
University of Toronto

Dr. Gretchen Kerr is an internationally renowned researcher, full professor and senior academic leader from the University of Toronto. Dr. Kerr is a prominent Canadian sports leader and scholar. Her research focuses on women in maltreatment in sport, coaching, and coach education. Her work is guided by a vision that sport should be healthy and fulfilling for all. She led the production of the 2019 national report of maltreatment, bullying and gender-based violence among 1,000 current and former Canadian national team athletes. For over twenty years, Dr. Kerr has advised Canadian and international sports bodies on the development and implementation of safe sport policies.

Dr. Guylaine Demers

Dr. Guylaine Demers
Université Laval

Dr. Guylaine Demers is a full professor and Women’s Studies Research Chair at Laval University. Over the years, she has become the go-to leader, researcher and advocate on issues of women’s education and gender equity in Quebec and Canadian sport. Dr. Demers has spearheaded the push for gender equity and combatting homophobia in sport on federal, provincial and territorial levels. Dr. Demers is an active member of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Sport Inclusion Task Force and continues to facilitate pan-Canadian solutions for building a more inclusive sport culture. Her extensive scholarship, especially on women in coaching, has been particularly influential in the field.

Dr. Ann Pegoraro

Dr. Ann Pegoraro
University of Guelph

Dr. Ann Pegoraro is the Lang Chair in Sport Management and a full professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism, at the Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. Her recent work in digital media and innovation is focused on analytics, gender and diversity. Dr. Pegoraro has published extensively on the intersection of digital media and sport, and her expertise on digital transformation and analytics is often sought by sport organizations across Canada and internationally. In addition to acting as co-director, Dr. Pegoraro will also act as our lead on media-related research.

Research Associates

Dr. Debra Kriger

Dr. Debra Kriger (she/her) applies health and social theories to practice. A methodologist and critical public health scientist, she originated life-sculpting methods to hear stories of the embodiment of ‘health risk’ over time, funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. Her research, teaching and consulting all centre on the ways coinciding, embodied systems of oppression impact the possibilities of human thriving and movement through space and over time. Debra plays recreational sports in local queer and grassroots leagues and is excited to use her experiences and skills towards sport for all genders at E-Alliance.

Dr. Amélie Keyser-Verreault

Dr. Amélie Keyser-Verreault (she/her) holds a PhD in anthropology and conduct research on body politics and gender with a focus on beauty practises, maternity, neoliberalism, resistance and sports participation in East Asia. Her work has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Women’s and Gender Studies (女學學誌), Taiwan Journal of Anthropology (台灣人類學刊), Feminist & Psychology, The International Journal of Taiwan Studies and Anthropologica. Her research has been acknowledged by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Joseph-Armand Bombardier Ph.D. Scholarship, the Fonds de recherche société et culture du Québec, Taiwan Ministry of Education and Laval University’s Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.


E-Alliance joins forces with organizational partners to enact better futures for gender+ equity in sport together. We couldn’t meet our goals without the dedication of:

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Scientific Committee

The E-Alliance scientific committee represents our multi-disciplinary, Pan-Canadian approach. Our current members are:

Advisory Committee

The E-Alliance Advisory Committee will be struck from key organizations and stakeholders within the sports system in Canada. Our current members are: