Summer 2021 has been a busy time for sports news. While official E-Alliance activities were on hold in July, our co-directors continued to work hard behind the scenes, sharing their insights on a variety of topics related to gender equity in sport with media outlets across the country.

Their perspectives were especially in demand for stories related to the Tokyo Games. Here are a few examples:

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Le Soliel (August 12, 2021) Les médailles du Canada à Tokyo au rythme des femmes

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Market Place (August 5, 2021) Elaine Thompson-Herah’s temporary Instagram suspension could cost her followers

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Estrie Plus (August 4, 2021) Les Jeux olympiques au féminin

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, National Post (August 4, 2021)  The Tokyo Olympics are billed as the first gender equal Games, but women still lack opportunities in sport

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Vaughan Today (August 1, 2021) Canada’s medals in Tokyo at a feminist pace

Dr. Guylaine Demers, La Presse (August 1, 2021) À bas les diktats!

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Le Devoir  (July 31, 2021) Quelle est la recette du succès olympique des Canadiennes?

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Radio-Canada  (July 30, 2021) Après le creux de la pandémie, regain d’intérêt en vue pour le sport féminin

Dr. Gretchen Kerr, U o f T News  (July 30, 2021) Elite athletes more likely to experience mental health disorders: U of T study

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Guelph Today/Guelph Mercury (July 29, 2021) Feds pitch in $196,000 to help Guelph Soccer achieve gender equality

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Le Devoir  (July 24, 2021) Une uniformité de façade qui nuit à la diversité sexuelle

Dr. Guylaine Demers, Le Devoir (July 20, 2021) Aux Jeux olympiques, les femmes sont encore loin d’être égales aux hommes

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Business wire (July 14, 2021) One in 4 Canadian Girls Are Not Committed to Return to Sport after COVID-19 According to New Study

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Inside the Games (July 14, 2021) One in four Canadian girls not committed to a return to sport after pandemic

Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Globe and Mail (June 30, 2021) DAZN’s latest move may be ‘game changer’ for women’s sports

Dr. Gretchen Kerr, CBC News (June 30, 2021) Calls for more oversight to protect children in sport