The Quebec Ministry of Education is investing $1.25 million over five years to create the Laboratory for the Advancement of Women in Sports in Quebec (la progression des femmes dans les sports, PROFEMS).

This multidisciplinary joint research unit, based out of Laval University, will be led by Dr. Guylaine Demers, who has served as a co-director with E-Alliance since its inception in 2020. The lab has been created in response to recommendations issued by the provincial working group focused on gender equity in sport; the team will collaborate with various organizations including E-Alliance and Égale Action.

“This lab will fill key gaps in sport research in Quebec through collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach,” says Dr. Demers. “We want to support sport leaders in achieving gender equity by providing research-informed solutions and to position ourselves as a key partner to help build a more equitable future for sport in Quebec and across the country.”

The lab will serve as a vital link between various partners in the Quebec sport system through research and the dissemination of knowledge and best practices.

“We are delighted for Dr. Demers and her team,” says E-Alliance Co-Director Dr. Gretchen Kerr. “We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in Quebec to advance gender equity in sport at all levels of participation and leadership.”

Dr. Demers will continue with E-Alliance as a member of the Scientific Committee.

Read Laval University’s release (in French) here.